These were the words the world heard on December 8th, 2009. The time: 9:00AM EST. Seven was a guest on the Gary Smith Morning Show ( This show turned out to be an action-packed, side-splitting, laugh-fest! Seven shared a number little-known secrets about himself as well as talking about his life, the book and his plans for the future.

Scheduling has begun in preparation for the US portion of Seven’s Tour which will take him from NY to California in 2010! This will be your chance to meet Seven at any one of the many book-signings/events/readings/lectures/performances he will be participating in and/or conducting throughout the next year. Check back for scheduled dates and more information!


A deal between Print-On-Demand Specialists Xlibris and Exile In Rosedale Media, has been reached and is now official! XLibris will be printing and distributing “Exile In Rosedale - The Musical Life Of Seven: 1963-2009.” With the power of the Ingram Book Distribution Network, Seven’s book will be available, Worldwide! Release date to be announced!

March 3rd & 4th, Seven tore down the bunker with Gary, Dan, Jude & Elisa, live! Starting off with the payback song, “Frank’s Wife’s Having My Baby,” the two days provided tons of laughs and revelations for the first-time Author, The radio veteran and his hilarious crew! Replays of the shows are available at: 3rd) & (March 4th). Having survived a stay at the Smith residence and it’s physical and mental abuse, Seven was invited back and is planning a quick return to the show!

It’s Official! “Exile In Rosedale - The Musical Life Of Seven:1963-2009” will be available for purchase on April 1st, 2010! Starting with the Xlibris website, this exciting new book will be available at over 2500 different websites and Brick & Mortar Bookstores Including Amazon, Borders Books, Powell Books, Target Online, and many other stores!